Blu Bracknell makes use of smart technology to make your life easier

Blu Bracknell makes use of smart technology to make your life easier

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As a resident or owner of a BluLiving apartment, you will have automatic access to the private BluLiving app that will inform, advise and allow you to control any regular tasks whether you’re home or away.

Each property at Blu Bracknell will come with the Zipato home automation system pre-installed. This can be programmed to control pretty much everything that is electric in your apartment and can be voice controlled using an Amazon Alexa.* Remote control of your lighting, heating and alarm systems can be achieved with the Zipato system and you can also check real-time data about your property.

Most people own a smart phone, smart watch or tablet so when registered, they can instantly download the BluLiving app. From the BluLiving app you will be able to remotely control your Zipato home automation system. This neat little piece of technology will keep occupants abreast of any events arranged for Blu Bracknell residents and will even show who is attending.

You’ll have direct contact with the concierge via a private messaging service and can find out who is on duty. If you’re expecting a delivery while you’re out, the app will show you a log of receipts at reception and will advise when it’s collected.

You can check maintenance updates for your own apartment or for communal areas inside and out. You’ll also have the option of private messaging the other residents at Blu Bracknell so it’s a great way to build up a local network of friends and find out when events are happening.

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